Technique Tuesday – Triad Inversions

  We will start this video series with some relatively basic stuff, which, however, gets often neglected by a lot of guitarists. Many players underestimate the importance of being able to play all triad inversions across the fingerboard for a proper knowledge of the instrument (I certainly did, too, before my Berklee [...]

There are no shortcuts

Gifted. Talented. A freak. Blessed. We have all heard these words describing an amazing guitarist, and in many cases they are probably warranted. But is that all there is to greatness? A simple lottery of you’re either a gifted player or you’re not?  Before I continue let me first say this; yes, I believe some [...]

Lutherie as a Lifestyle

As I have done a fair amount of public speaking on the subject of guitars, and as well answered countless questions of all kinds regarding guitars, I feel my ability to convey my knowledge is well suited to writing articles on the subject. So why start with lutherie as a lifestyle? In my experience there [...]

How To Play Cool Tapping Licks On Lead Guitar

Tapping is definitely one of the coolest lead guitar techniques. Once you have mastered it, you can play some pretty amazing guitar licks and solos. Here are just a few ideas to get you started: One of the easiest ways to make your guitar solos sound super fast and technical is to use open string [...]

Buying Musical Instruments Online – The Pros and Cons

Buying musical instruments such as guitars, keyboards, microphones etc has been an expensive task if you're living outside of the USA. Often local music stores inflate their prices and they end up costing you up to THREE TIMES what you'd pay for a local USA shop. An extreme example of this can be found in [...]

The Top 5 Guitar Accessories Novice Guitarists Should Have

Musicians, like cops and soldiers, need to have an arsenal of equipment. Aside from the main instruments they have to use to play such as the guitar, drums, or keyboard, they also need various accessories so that can produce better sound and music. A guitar is one of the music instruments that require a bit [...]

Review: My Favorite New Guitar Effects And Pedals (For Rock Players)

After playing guitar for many years, I've come across countless pedals and effects which I've incorporated into my overall tone and style. Although it's good to be able to play well without any effects at all, everyone loves the sound of a really cool pedal, and certainly a great pedal can make your playing sound [...]

Around the Clock Pop: Songs That Open With a Specific Time of Day

Matchbox Twenty is now an even more appropriate name for Rob Thomas's rock band, given that it turned twenty this year. Formed in 1995, the group helped rescue traditional rock from the iron jaws of rap, grunge and boy bands that had dominated the pop landscape since the late 80s. Along with Matchbox 20 were [...]