After playing guitar for many years, I’ve come across countless pedals and effects which I’ve incorporated into my overall tone and style. Although it’s good to be able to play well without any effects at all, everyone loves the sound of a really cool pedal, and certainly a great pedal can make your playing sound totally awesome.

The other day I was playing through some of my favorite pedals and it got me thinking, “What are my favorite pedals?” So I thought I’d share with you some of the coolest new pedals I’ve incorporated into my everyday sound that you can use to make your guitar playing more fun while giving it a cool new style.

Here are some great pedal/effects by type:


I have several different flangers and I must say, the Alexander F.13 is by far my favorite. It simply goes above and beyond simply “flange” to provide you with an other-worldly sound. The dynamic mode is really cool as it responds to how hard you pick the strings by creating more of the flange effect. This gives you the ability to cut the effect by playing with less force, and increase it using a harder strum or pick attack.

Distortion / Fuzz

I’ve long been a fan of ScreaminFX, and recently they put out some cool looking pedals with clear windows so you can see inside. Neat! I’m particularly fond of the Berayer distortion pedal, which has been my go-to as of late. Just a great distortion sound with a 3 way toggle switch to change between tones. If you are a fan of “Fuzz”, I recommend the 1954 Fuzz pedal.


Whenever I want to plug in and just have a blast (non-practice, just playing around), I love turning up a great reverb pedal. When I do, I go to my Spaceman Orion. It’s an analog spring reverb, and boy does it sound LUSH! The pedal contains volume, blend, tone and dwell knobs which give you tons of options for creating a very unique sound/tone.

I hope this has helped you get a few good ideas for some pedals to check out. This is just a small part of my personal rig that I use on a daily basis. Make sure to experiment with the settings on each one to find the sound you like (before combining different pedals together), this will give you a better ear for tone. Have fun!

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